Wagon B

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This wagon preserves impressions of the wood from the frame, the shaft, the spokes (twelve per wheel) and from the felloes, (the wooden inner tyres). The four wheels have been removed from the axles. The horses were however, still harnessed to the yoke which was preserved in place at the end of the draught-pole. Fragments of wood, iron and leather from the yoke have been preserved. Bronze decorative plates with silver discs depicting horses and riders in relief had been fixed to the upper part. On the trapezoidal backboard of the wagon, bronze strips, shields and discs were still in situ. On the lower part was the bronze head of a female figure wearing a high polos (headdress). Parts of the iron frame of the body and suspension of the wagon, iron nails and fragments of wood also survive. The skeletons of the horses were not preserved in good condition.
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