Horses and Wagons in the Ancient World. Papers.

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  1. Diamantis Triantaphyllos The Technology of the Wagons in the Tumulus of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni
  2. Katerina Trandalidou Mikri Doxipara-Zoni. The Horses from the Tumulus. Osteometric Data and Comparisons with Equid Remains from Southeastern Europe Sites
  3. Anagnostis Pan. Agelarakis Archaeological Anthropology at the Tumulus of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni
  4. Mihail Vavelidis Analysis of the Metal Attachments from Wagons A and B of the Tumulus of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni
  5. Spyros Paulides – Mihail Vavelidis & Alexandros Chatzipetros Geological-structural Study at the Archaeological Site of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni Tumulus
  6. Εlias Voulgaridis – Konstantinos Passialis & Stergios Adamopoulos Identification of the Wooden Finds from the Tumulus of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni
  7. Eleni Manakidou Models and Representations of Wagons during the Archaic and Classical ages: Uses and Symbolism
  8. Panagiotis V. Faklaris Κημός (Horse-muzzle)
  9. Vassiliki G. Stamatopoulou Luxurius Harness from Macedonia
  10. Joost H. Crouwel Four-Wheeled Vehicles in the Roman World
  11. Gergana Kabakchieva The Big Mound of the Family Necropolis of the Ancient Villa Armira
  12. Domna Terzopoulou Wagons, Mules and Muleteers in Funerary Stelai of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

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